How The Technical Innovations Changing The Framework Of Healthcare Service?

How The Technical Innovations Changing The Framework Of Healthcare Service?

Technical innovations for healthcare - The framework of technology is changing every day, each and every phase of our life is touched by technology and not a single industry is leaving behind without the influence of technology and in this huge list, healthcare industry is one of the most important sectors which are hugely redefined through technology. The impact of healthcare services on the livelihood of people around the world is very vast; various modern and improvised technologies are helping people to get recovered from crucial diseases and fatal accidents. Modern technologies are tremendously helping the transformation of the structural and organizational level of medical industry, the widespread enactment of electronically collected medical records and the improvement of bio-medical engineering is solving the various problems.

The advantages of technological up gradation:

The reach of technological innovations is definitely working as a boon to the very important medical industry. Innovative technologies are helping in each and every step of Healthcare processes. The conventional monitoring systems are switched to the modern smart phones and tablets and giving full flexibility to the patients to undergo a well versed consultation securely in their home. The technological achievements are helping medical strategies to go beyond the hospital walls and integrate them with very accessible and user-friendly user friendly. The step by step innovations are helping the total mankind, from this discussion you can know about some very important points

1. Electronic health record:

The summary of numerous types of electronic medical records is basically known as Electronic Health Records and created during any type of clinical encounter. From very different types of records and sources a lifelong summery is created of about 80+ years. To create this standard, a structure of pre-defined standards for information exchange is created that is equipped with clinical codes, images and a minimum set of data. This particular system is hugely used internationally, but in India it is evolving slowly but steadily. EHR has created very compact services that will give you all services from a single system, which includes pharmacy, orders and documentation.

2. Mobile health:

In this busy lifestyle mobile healthcare system is freeing healthcare devices of cords and wires and giving flexibility to patients and physicians anytime in a day. This process is tremendously helping the global health market. The service providers and the physicians can use this tool for better documentation, tools and information. If you are considering the present situation of India, Government of India has launched a mobile health program, which is designed to train the community health workers. This system is truly helping the entire rural India. A global non-profit named Grameen Foundation is combining strategic partnership through mobile procedures to develop a strong network to help worldwide rural people.

3. Telehealth or Telemedicine:

The benefits of telehealth is marvelous, it is helping rural settings to get the equal resources like the metropolitan areas. The wide range of diagnosis, education and management are included in this service. The all types of fields are collected and maintained in a single type of system. In India mobile technologies are highly growing, various developments and researches are taking place in this arena. Not only for the urban regions, but also for the rural regions mobile devices has become a very important ICT tool. With the growing amount of mobile phone users, at the end of the year 2008, three quarter people of India’s population were using mobile phones and thus the base of mobile health is getting stronger year after year. The work structure of mobile healthcare system is basically working on the primary healthcare system.

 4. Smart interactive technologies:

In today’s healthcare industry, patients are becoming the active players in their own healthcare and the portal technology is the most useful technology behind that. Portal technology is continuously allowing patients and physicians to interact online. Patients can become more closely involved with the treatment process and can understand the actual treatment pattern of them. For the rural audience of Government of India, National Health Portal India is working as a very interactive information exchanging system. The App is giving accesses to the illiterate or semi-illiterate audience and helping them to discover health information. There are various other mobile apps and websites; those are working as interactive technologies are AIIMS-WHO CC ENBC, Healthy You Card, Healthy You EHR, HealthKart Plus, mhealth Basics, Safe Pregnancy and Birth, mobile technology for water sanitation and health, Mswasthya-CDAC and many more.

5. Automatic monitoring systems:

The impact of remote monitoring system is incredible and according to the research and markets report, this is used by almost 2.8 million patients worldwide till the end of 2012. Monitoring the health of the patients at home is very much cost effective and the physician can easily avoid the unnecessary crowd in the cabin. It will work great for the serious and chronic patients and help them to get updated with each and every point of their health. In the Indian healthcare industries, you can also encounter much improvised structures of automated healthcare systems like microcontroller based wireless heartbeat and temperature monitoring system.

6. Wireless communication:

Instead of instant messaging and walkie-talkies, modern healthcare systems are catching up the 21st century systems in the communication system. The communications are done by wireless communications and it gives a tremendous flexibility to the staffs and also the patients.

The impact of high end technological structures is not bounded in these above mentioned points, each and every day the number of engaging technologies are changing the structure of healthcare industry and blooming the features of the industry.

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