Oil & Gas


The oil and gas industry are complex, with numerous processes involved in managing operations from exploration to production and delivery. With this complexity come challenges that require effective solutions to streamline processes and enhance productivity, profitability, and safety. One such solution is Oil and Gas Software Development Services in Kolkata.

With EITPL as an Oil and Gas Software Development Company in Kolkata offers a multitude of benefits, including improving data analysis Ai and ML management. These companies generate vast amounts of data from different sources, including seismic surveys, production data, well logs, and maintenance records. With software development, oil and gas companies can integrate, analyses, and visualize this data to gain valuable insights that aid decision-making.

In addition to big data analysis and data management, software development can automate many of the manual processes involved in oil and gas operations, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency. For instance, software can automate equipment maintenance scheduling and production workflows, ensuring smooth operations with minimal downtime.

Oil and gas operations take place in hazardous environments, and safety is a primary concern. Software development helps enhance safety by allowing companies to develop and implement safety protocols that can prevent accidents, monitor operations in real-time, and respond quickly in emergencies.

Our Oil and Gas Software Development Company can also optimize supply chain management, tracking inventory and materials and monitoring delivery schedules. The entire supply chain can be streamlined, reducing costs and improving efficiency, resulting in more efficient delivery of products to the end-user.

The Oil and Gas Software Development Services in Kolkata are constantly evolving, and so is the technology used to support it. Hence, AI and ML technologies are increasingly being used with big data management in oil and gas industry for predictive maintenance. These technologies can also be used for reservoir management, optimizing drilling operations, and improving the accuracy of production forecasting.

With our cloud-based solutions, Oil and Gas CRM Development company in Kolkata can easily scale their operations up or down as needed, reducing the need for large, upfront capital investments, our cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier to collaborate and share data across teams and locations.

By connecting equipment, sensors, and other devices, companies can collect and analyses data in real-time, enabling them to make more informed decisions and optimize operations. For example, IoT devices can be used to monitor pipeline pressure and temperature, detect leaks, and optimize pipeline flow rates.

In conclusion, oil and gas software development has become an essential tool for companies operating in this industry. By our big data management, automating processes, enhancing safety, and optimizing supply chain management, oil and gas CRM development, oil and gas companies improve their operations, increase profitability, and meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

Our Offerings


Application Development and Maintenance

Oil and gas is a very serious industry, as the whole nation depends on these commodities for economical growth and developments. The digital platform has provided the edge to supervise every aspect with detailed eye to keep the data within manageable vicinity to access the details whenever required. We assisted to optimise the development and maintenance of the applications for this industry which has been provided with up-to-dated operations with much more stability and optimum performance, to execute proper data surge in a manageable platform.


Apps Development

In this contemporary period the usage of smart phone has evaluated the life style to a smart accessing platform, hence our Apps development team has assisted to access the web based accessibilities to the mobile phone service. With the help of apps everyone can inquire, pay bill, check account, for their usage over commodities.


Big Data Analysis

As the name mention, the big data analysis stores all the data for the clients and how to access all the data in a much organised and proper method. As this huge amount of data requires a proper method to access it with optimum perfection, we have developed the proper medium to access this huge data with a more systemic perception for this industry.


CRM Development & Maintenance

CRM is yet another aspect of customer service, where the organisation have to maintain a proper service platform for the clients to get proper information and services. For which we have developed optimised services to browse without any difficulties or lack of understanding.


Digital Services

For oil and gas industries, the digital platform has upgraded their process so as that, clients can access the services and inquires through the digital base. As we have included the online processing of products and commodities.


Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solution refers to the gigantic data reservoir from where the methodical procedure of data flow will assist the organisation to aid the production planning, manufacturing, marketing and inventory planning. For which our development team have assisted the proper platform for the organisation to access the data with ease.


IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure for oil and gas industry required an ultimate plan to operate under one proper infrastructural base. EIT have assisted with this requirement with exact executable equipments, which required server (i.e. cloud or land servers), which are assisting this industry to maintain the huge data flow all over the globe.


Web Development & Maintenance

As in this contemporary period, the shift to digitization assisted both the organisation and the clients to access the information required through web assistance. Our team have executed the appropriate process to optimise the services throughout the digital platform which will not only increase the level of service for the organisation, but also will increase the overall productivity and efficiency towards the clients.

Client Success

Tripura Natural Gas Company

In the Northeastern sector of India we have a strong client structure and TNGCL is one of them. This Government organization is very popular and well structured and EIT has helped them to improvise the entire business process. The acclaimed Tripura Natural Gas Company Ltd. (TNGCL) has taken our services in the very important field of billing management and accounting, these application software play a very important role in calculating the total business and also in the security issues of the company.